Late Fall Wabash Ride: CB to Malvern

On Saturday, TL and I rode from the CB Wabash trailhead lot in CB to Malvern, IA. The original route, all the way to Immogene was abandoned for time reasons (TL had to stay late at work, come on! :) but we had a great ride nonetheless. ROUTE

Weather was mildly cool, with a slight breeze. Got on the trail and made it to Mineola very quickly, then continued on to Malvern. We were both glad we opted for 3/4 length and full length tights and our windbreakers. I would have been cold without them.

Upon arrival in Malvern, we hit a C&M's resturant and grabbed a $2.99 Saturday Burger and Fries, although we both opted for an onion rings upgrade. Why oh why do onion rings after/during a ride tempt me so?!

We then enjoyed another buisness in Malvern (which is a charming little IA town), Excuses Bar. Their slogan is 'What's your excuse?' Ours was the need for a cold been on a cold fall ride! After watching the game on TV and a nice chat with the locals, we headed on our way back to the NW.

The return ride was even a little cooler, with some wind in our face, and also some stong sniffs of fresh post-crop chemicals! Mommy my lungs are burning! Of course it felt longer and harder on the way back, but we hit the CB parking lot right before it started to get dark under a brilliant sunset. Somewhere over 40 miles of fall riding you normally don't get to enjoy this time of year!

(Photos from www.malvernia.com)


Embrocation Cycling Journal.

This is a great group of guys from Portland producing a fun, new cycling journal. Fantastic writing, and great humor (read about the track stands at stop lights bit)! Quality Material, fo sho.


Most Awesomest Cross Bike Built by Human Hands.. I say.. yes.

My friend Matt's newly completed cross bike, ready to ride fast in PDX.
Courage - FLICKR

the Travel Bug

I've thought about getting a travel case for my cross/commuting/do-it-all bike as I fly a lot. Thanks to Heidi for bringing this one to my attention.

On the Run from Johnny Law.. Ain't no Trip to Cleveland...

After an incident with a motorist this morning, I reviewed the Nebraska bike laws and thought I would share....

Nebraska Revised Statute 60-6,317
Revised Statutes » Chapter 60 » 60-6,317 Print Friendly 60-6,317. Bicycles on roadways and bicycle paths; general rules; regulation by local authority.

(1) Any person who operates a bicycle upon a roadway at less than the normal speed of traffic at the time and place and under conditions then existing shall ride as near to the right-hand curb or right-hand edge of the roadway as practicable except when:

(a) Overtaking and passing another bicycle or vehicle proceeding in the same direction;

(b) Preparing for a left turn onto a private road or driveway or at an intersection;

(c) Reasonably necessary to avoid conditions that make it unsafe to continue along the right-hand curb or right-hand edge of the roadway, including fixed or moving objects, stopped or moving vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians, animals, or surface hazards;

(d) Riding upon a lane of substandard width which is too narrow for a bicycle and a vehicle to travel safely side by side within the lane; or

(e) Lawfully operating a bicycle on the paved shoulders of a highway included in the state highway system as provided in section 60-6,142.

Any person who operates a bicycle upon a roadway with a posted speed limit of thirty-five miles per hour or less on which traffic is restricted to one direction of movement and which has two or more marked traffic lanes may ride as near to the left-hand curb or left-hand edge of the roadway as practicable. Whenever a person operating a bicycle leaves the roadway to ride on the paved shoulder or leaves the paved shoulder to enter the roadway, the person shall clearly signal his or her intention and yield the right-of-way to all other vehicles.

(2) Any person who operates a bicycle upon a highway shall not ride more than single file except on paths or parts of highways set aside for the exclusive use of bicycles.

(3) Except as provided in section 60-6,142, whenever a usable path for bicycles has been provided adjacent to a highway, a person operating a bicycle shall use such path and shall not use such highway.

(4) A local authority may by ordinance further regulate the operation of bicycles and may provide for the registration and inspection of bicycles.

Nebraska Revised Statute 60-6,318
Revised Statutes » Chapter 60 » 60-6,318 Print Friendly 60-6,318. Equipment on bicycles; lights; brakes.

(1) When in use at nighttime, a bicycle shall be equipped with a light visible from a distance of at least five hundred feet to the front on a clear night and with a red reflector on the rear of a type which is approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles or a local authority and which is visible on a clear night from all distances between one hundred feet and six hundred feet to the rear when directly in front of lawful lower beams of headlights on a motor vehicle. A red light visible from a distance of five hundred feet to the rear may be used in addition to such red reflector.

(2) Any bicycle used on a highway shall be equipped with a brake or brakes which will enable the operator to stop the bicycle within twenty-five feet of the point of braking when moving at a speed of ten miles per hour on dry, level, clean pavement.

Nebraska Revised Statute 60-6,319
Revised Statutes » Chapter 60 » 60-6,319 Print Friendly 60-6,319. Bicycles; reflective device or material; retail sale; requirements; violation; penalty.

No commercial dealer shall sell or offer to sell at retail any bicycle unless such bicycle is equipped with pedals which display a white or amber reflective device or material on both the front and rear surfaces of the pedal and such reflective surface is visible during the hours of darkness from four hundred feet when viewed from the front or rear under low beam headlights of a motor vehicle under normal atmospheric conditions.

All bicycles shall also be equipped with tires bearing a white or silver retroreflective material on each side or a wide-angle reflector mounted on the spokes of each wheel. Such retroreflective material shall be at least three-sixteenths of an inch wide, shall be affixed as an integral part of the tire or wheel, and shall remain effective for the life of the tire or wheel. The spoke-mounted, wide-angle reflector devices shall have a reflective surface of at least two square inches and shall be clear, amber, or red in color. Both the retroreflective tires and wide-angle spoke reflectors shall be visible during the hours of darkness from four hundred feet when viewed under low beam headlights of a motor vehicle under normal atmospheric conditions when the bicycle is traveling at a ninety degree right angle to the direction of travel of the motor vehicle and is directly in front of such motor vehicle. Such reflective devices shall remain visible when the bicycle is turned forty degrees in either direction from such angle and crosses directly in front of such motor vehicle at a distance of four hundred feet.

No commercial dealer shall sell or offer to sell at retail any bicycle which does not comply with this section. Any person who violates this section shall be guilty of a Class V misdemeanor.


Ponca Ride

Ok Ok, I've blogged about it before, the ride from the Forgot Store through the Ponca Hills and back. But I have to rave once again.. TL, JL and I parked at the Forgot Store (see previous write-up/map) on a windy late afternoon yesterday. We were all in our fall clothing gear - full pants, gloves, long sleeves/arm warmers, etc. It was a cold start, and the wind was moving pretty good on top of the ridge.

The scenery was amazing, low light casting a golden glow on the soybeans ready for harvest, wildlife (turkey vulture, white-tail deer, and cats) out on the roads. Cool fall crisp air in our lungs. Beautiful. We rode tighter in the lower flats near Boyer and talked about cycling and other endeavors.

After the 20 mile loop, stopped inside the friendly Forgot Store and had a couple home-made tacos and beans (better than Mineola or Cali Taco we decided) and a few biers. Another successful Ponca Hills loop ride!

We usually ride Tues or Thurs, all are welcome to come! It's the REAL "Taco Ride!"


Must See Show!

Playing at the Waiting Room in Benson Sunday Sept 27th at 7:30PM. I'm going. Anyone else want to ride over with me?
LINK - Details


Ponca Hills Ride - A great alternative to the Mineola Taco Ride!

TL and I rode a loop last night through the Ponca Hills, finishing at the Forgotten Store. 20mi and fun. Actually, I just saw it's called the FORGOT STORE. It's a cozy little neighborhood bar that gives funny looks to pink spandex, but overall, is very cyclist friendly. Tues and Thurs they have some great mexican menu. Seriously.



Make A Wish Foundation NE Ride

Goes to a good cause.. ride it if you can!

Road tyres!

My road bike has been running 700X25 Bontrager Race X-Lites (120tpi) for the past season. Sometimes I think Bontrager is avoided due to the 'Lance Effect' and the fact that they are exclusively sold at trek stores, but I have been really happy with these tires. They are under 220g, but more importantly, they have only flatted once on me (in about 800 miles of city/rural riding) due to glass. They have worn square a little faster than most, but that is due to the thinner casing. Most of all, the ride quality has been great.. I'm a die hard 25 tire width guy.. that combined with a soft, supple tubular-like casing is what I'm after in a road tire. http://bontrager.com/model/00444

New road tire candidates:

So in my neverending gear geek quest, I want to try something new.. looking specifically at the Conti 4000 or 4000s or the schwalbe ultremo DD. A friend if Portland is racing on Ultremo's and likes them, but I'm thinking it won't be as long wearing as the Conti's and, there is something to be said about being handmade in Germany. I'm a product-source fanatic and the Schwalbes are made in Indonesia (where all the rubber is from anyway) but it's just hard for me to accept in such a high quality tire. Any suggestions? Experience? This dude seems convinced on the 4000s!!!


Taco Ride... short trip report.

Last night, Scott Redd and I were the only ones daring enough to tackle the Thursday night Taco Ride, and it was fun. We hit the trail from the Lake Manawa SE corner parking lot, Scott had to wait a few minutes as I was running late, and when I got there, he had been riding around a little bit. He just couldn't wait to get out! We headed east and hit the trailhead (where there was nobody collection fees) and headed out. Weather was great, sunny with large stormy clouds here and there and occasional winds. We made it to Mineola pretty quickly to find the bar totally packed. No place to sit and really loud! We decided to head on to Silver City.. it added a few miles (5-7?) and we got pounded by a single raincloud on the way there. Super bright rainbow, sunny skies greeted us in a rather wet, and dirty state in Silver City. Hit the bar up for a few tacos (better than Mileola in my opinion) and vegan fries, 2 bud lights, and we were back on the road. Started to get dark on the way back, and of course, I didn't bring any illumination.. Thankfully Scott is a smart guy and we went by the power of his 1Wt LED. I rode on his 7 o'clock most the way back, feeling like a schmuck for forgetting my lights. I was surprised at how dark it was.. After a trance-like ride back to the trailhead, we stopped for a drink and rode the extra few miles back to the Manawa lot. Interesting weather, fun ride, and epic night time return! http://www.tacoride.com/


Omaha's Corporate Cycling Challenge Ride.. in my pink kit!

Weather was cool and slightly damp, rode from my place in midtown to the downtown start. Lots of riders were lined up by Conagra, free powerade and bananas which was my breakfast. Also, Olympia Cycles (my Omaha bike shop of choice) was there at the start, finish and lots of place inbetween helping out cyclists. I like Olympia because they are a no nonsense bike shop focused on service. They have a mostly fun staff and I like the owner, who gave me a few organic home-grown tomatoes last time I was in! They don't care about having Zipp 404s hanging from the ceiling or about having too many Madones on the floor. They are just cyclists!

Anyway, the ride was fun, rode with a few strangers out to Ft. Calhoun, and rode back with Scott and Rafal on the way back. Scott posted a full report on Redd Shift (link to the right). They were a lot of fun to ride with!


2009 Corporate Cycling Challenge!

This weekend! Sunday! One of the biggest riding events of the year! I did a short 20 mile loop up in the Ponca Hills on Tuesday and felt strong. This will be my first time riding this event, and I signed up with my corporation, Union Pacific. It's going to be a blast!


Omaha's new downtown bike lanes.. video by Scott Redd!

Matt's new Courage bike... wow.

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Confirmed

Please join us!!
Activate Omaha along with the Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee to the Mayor will perform a ribbon cutting ceremony for the first segment of the

Bike Omaha System
Monday, August 10th
at 1:30 pm
on 16th & Chicago

This will mark the completion of the first segment of the Bike Omaha system, a planned 20 miles of on street bicycle facilities. We would love to have a commitment from you that you can be present with your bicycle!! Please give us your support and join us that afternoon on bike, on foot, or in spirit!!
Send RSVPs to me at tammie@activateomaha.org. Thank you and hope to see each of you there!

Tammie Dodge