Late Fall Wabash Ride: CB to Malvern

On Saturday, TL and I rode from the CB Wabash trailhead lot in CB to Malvern, IA. The original route, all the way to Immogene was abandoned for time reasons (TL had to stay late at work, come on! :) but we had a great ride nonetheless. ROUTE

Weather was mildly cool, with a slight breeze. Got on the trail and made it to Mineola very quickly, then continued on to Malvern. We were both glad we opted for 3/4 length and full length tights and our windbreakers. I would have been cold without them.

Upon arrival in Malvern, we hit a C&M's resturant and grabbed a $2.99 Saturday Burger and Fries, although we both opted for an onion rings upgrade. Why oh why do onion rings after/during a ride tempt me so?!

We then enjoyed another buisness in Malvern (which is a charming little IA town), Excuses Bar. Their slogan is 'What's your excuse?' Ours was the need for a cold been on a cold fall ride! After watching the game on TV and a nice chat with the locals, we headed on our way back to the NW.

The return ride was even a little cooler, with some wind in our face, and also some stong sniffs of fresh post-crop chemicals! Mommy my lungs are burning! Of course it felt longer and harder on the way back, but we hit the CB parking lot right before it started to get dark under a brilliant sunset. Somewhere over 40 miles of fall riding you normally don't get to enjoy this time of year!

(Photos from www.malvernia.com)

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